Surf City, NC - Before and After Hurricane Joaquin

As Hurricane Joaquin drifted past the coast of North Carolina it left its mark without even making landfall. Surf City, NC took quite a beating from the high surf, high tides, and extreme amounts of rainfall. We documented some of the flooding and erosion during this event. When the sun finally came back out a few days later we shot this 4K video (below) showing what damage was done by flying over Surf City, NC. In the first 2 or so minutes of the video we did a 2x time lapse speeding it up. After that we slowed it down to normal speed so you can really see the detail. Just about all of the dunes and beach accesses have been damaged during this storm. There were even someold home foundations from Hurricane Fran back in 1996 that have surfaced on the beach. The sand has been washed down the beach so much that you can even see remains of the 1919 ship wreck of the William H. Sumner in the video - (6:05). The video is about 10 minutes long but if you are a oceanfront homeowner or visit  Surf City often you may want to watch. Enjoy!!!