7509 Masonboro Sound Rd. Wilmington, NC, 28409 -PROFESSIONAL REAL ESTATE PHOTOGRAPHY

This truly magnificent mansion's architecture and interior design both elegantly complement this regal residence! Characterized by the waterfront that rises to a bluff covered with ancient live oak trees, and the natural beauty of the historic landscape. The entry of the estate is lined with an abundance of tropical palms and flowering seasonal scrubs. With the house boasting over 10,000 sq. ft of "indoor living" space, with 6 bedrooms and 8 baths, the water side has 3 floors of covered porches with over 2,400 square feet of "outdoor living" space. The kitchen is fully equipped with a centralized island featuring a dual gas and electric cooking range, surrounded with custom birch cabinets that gives a casual, yet elegant feel with granite countertops. The construction of this domicile is equally impressive. Be not deceived by the beauty of the exterior and interior surfaces visible, for the substructure of this home could have equally served as a fortress. Made of concrete and metal. 


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