With over 1.7 billion monthly active users and over 1.13 billion daily active users, it is fair to say that Facebook is the supreme social network in terms of user base. Facebook’s ever growing popularity and significance make it a crucial social network for your business to get on and optimize effectively. Facebook has made rules over the years that now make it more difficult for business pages to get their content in front of their audiences, but once you get a massive audience to see your Facebook content, they’ll come back to your Facebook Page numerous times. Remember that most of the 900 million people who log into Facebook every day also spend over an hour on the social media behemoth per day. Facebook is still important, and it’s importance grows as the days go by. If you don’t optimize Facebook for your business, then now is the time to start. If you already have a Facebook Page or want to get one, that Facebook Page needs more traffic. 

5 things you need to know about getting Started With Facebook

1. Everyone starts out having a personal page but as a professional you will need a business page

The business page needs to be the origin of your business related posts. But don't be decived...its not going to do you any good unless you share those posts on your personal page. Otherwise the only people that will see your post are the 5 friends that were nice enough to like your business page.

Click on Image to Learn How to set up a business facebook page

Click on Image to Learn How to set up a business facebook page

2. Join the conversation

This is a good place to start in using facebook. Liking or commenting on other peoples posts is a good way to get involved and get yourself out there.

3. Be Authentic

Post about all aspects of your life...Hobbies, family experiences, as well as your work. People want to see the whole you...the real you. So really business is personal after all.

4. Stay Positive

Stay away from diverse or overly political posts. You also want to refrain about using facebook to vent about the frustrations of selling real estate. 

5. Post Pictures/Video/Virtual Tours of your listings and tag the sellers

Every time you do this you are reaching out to all of their friends as well as yours. This basically advertises your post and your relationship with all of their friends that you don't have. This is really valuable considering word of mouth is the most powerful form of advertising you can do.  "Facebook is word of mouth on Steroids"