3D Tour Guidelines and Procedures:

Thank you and congratulations on your decision to include UMD's 3D Imaging for your listing. Below you will find the guidelines and procedures to better assist and inform you on the process, as well as assure we provide the best imaging we can muster for your property.

Here's How It Works:

Our UMD 3D Imaging Photographer will operate the camera and view the images immediately on an iPad. We will situate the device in multiple location, in every room of the property to ensure we capture the entire space. The size of the home and the amount of rooms will determine the number of locations from which we shoot. From each stationary location, the camera will rotate 360-degrees in order to cover the entire area; the device will stop 6 times during the rotation to capture images and determine measurements. Each shot takes roughly 1 minute. 

This high-tech device has several different components - upward, downward and horizontal lenses, shooting simultaneously. The photographs are immediately sent to the corresponding iPad, wherein our professional photographer examines the images and certifies quality. Post-shoot, we upload the information gathered, design the 3D Imaging Virtual Tour, test the results and link the finish product. The entire process, from shoot to linking, averages 24-hours, meaning your top of the line, truly unique Virtual Tour will be ready for use the following day. 

Duration of Shoot:

Through our mastery and efficiency of Virtual Tours and photography, we've matched the time duration with 3D Imaging. Just like a normal Virtual Tour shoot, the time depends on the size of the home - the bigger the home, the more shots and locations required to properly document and beautifully capture your property. scan sessions take longer than HomeVisit photo shoots and depend on the size of the home. Ultimately, we place the device strategically in order to provide viewers and buyers with the most realistic, immersive tour possible, striving to design an exact 3D replica of the home. Expect our professional photographers an average of 1,700 square feet per hour when operating the 3D Imaging technology. 

Property Preparation:

Most commonly, the preparations for a UMD 3D Imaging shoot matches the criterion for our standard Virtual Tour shoot. 

To Ensure Best Quality 3D Imaging Tour:

  • The property should be tidy and free from unnecessary furnishings and clutter.
  • Illuminate all natural and fixed lighting.
  • All pets, including toys, beds, crates, etc., should be removed.

A Few Notes and Necessities:

In addition to the information above, there are a few more points necessary for the UMD 3D Imaging process and shoot. Because the device captures 360-degrees, specifically, everything the natural eye can see when one scans a room in person, we must ensure the thousands of shots our UMD photographer takes is as accurate a display of the home as possible. In short, each photograph automatically synchs with previous and future shots from a single room, then, from room to room. The synchronicity of the shots and continuity of the rooms are vital in creating 3D Imaging, so follow these additional requirements and watch your property become 3 dimensional.

  • Any and all objects arranged inside the property - such as furniture, decor, flooring accents, etc. - cannot be moved or rearranged once the 3D Imaging shoot has begun. 
  • Like objects, doors must also remain stagnant and in their original position throughout the shoot. 
  • Prior to our shooting, be sure to list any rooms you wish to be excluded in the 3D Imaging. 
  • UMD suggests the house be occupied only by our photographers during the shoot. This eliminates opportunities for individuals to subsequently be in a shot directly, or through any reflections, which will ultimately disrupt the continuity of 3D Imaging and can only be determined in the final stages of production, forcing a re-shoot. 
  • In the event someone must be present in the property, we ask that person(s) be located on a separate level of the home while the 3D Imaging shoot is taking place. Then, when the time comes for the additional levels, said person(s) and the photographer will swap floors and the shoot will recommence once locations of individuals are confirmed.

Intertwining a 3D Imaging Shoot with a Virtual Tour Shoot:

Utilizing UMD's Virtual Tour alongside our 3D Imaging is a sure bet for providing your clients with the best possible views of a home. While each tour requires a different photographer and separate equipment, the shoots can be done simultaneously. However, just as described above, the two photographers must remain on opposing levels until each shoot of each floor is complete. This route most certainly saves time in delivering the final Virtual and 3D Imaging Tour, but, in most properties, eliminates the possibility of other individuals being present in the home. Simple communication to the homeowner (if property is occupied), informing them of the process and their required temporary relocation, can alleviate the potential of a reshoot.